当涉及到婚礼时,确定婚礼地点是最大,最关键的任务之一 planning 您r wedding. Whether 您’re looking to get married in a church in 您r hometown 要么 fly across the globe to say 您r “I Do’s” it is always difficult to contemplate the right decision.

在最近的一年中,婚礼规模越来越小,许多人更喜欢在遥远的岛屿上举行紧密编织的仪式。 目的地婚礼摄影师 I’与我交谈时告诉我他们的夫妻在一起时看到的客人数量 在国外结婚 越来越小。 


The size of such destination weddings differ greatly. Sometimes it is just the couple leaving for their intimate wedding, sometimes they have their family and friends along with them, and often they throw huge destination wedding going over the whole weak with crazy parties and getaways for the guests. The size majorly depends on the couple’s preferences along with their budget for the wedding. If 您r looking into 欧洲目的地婚礼, the country 您 choose could also effect the number.


目的地婚礼策划师 我曾经合作过的也告诉过我同样的事情。一世’d与Gio Daye一起工作 口音事件 谁知道 计划在意大利举行婚礼。当我们一起成为她之后 科莫湖婚礼摄影师 她告诉了我所有关于情侣如何热爱海外婚礼的事情。

尽管夫妻可以自己决定,但还是有一些 目的地婚礼的利与弊 我’ve highlighted here.




的确,据说目的地婚礼会减轻压力,让您放松身心。这对夫妇所要做的就是与一群最亲密的朋友和家人一起飞翔,到达他们喜欢的世界上任何地方的绝佳婚礼目的地。赢了’t be super practical to arrange everything 您rself although thats not to say it can’那样做吧。在我的时间里 托斯卡纳婚礼摄影师 对于Mark + Megan,他们有一个婚礼筹办者,已经为他们完成了所有辛勤的工作。


目的地婚礼的另一个优势。当夫妇举行目的地婚礼时,宾客名单仅包括亲密的家人和最好的朋友。可以避免您可能会引起任何戏剧性的所有远亲,姑姑和叔叔。您可以避开婚礼上不想拥有的人,而只与最亲密的人去举行亲密的婚礼。对于大家庭,您可以随时发送图片,热烈的祝福,而且您还可以。您可以更进一步,并为您的婚礼私奔。你可以找到 欧洲最好的私奔场所 在我的博客上获得更多灵感。

You also have the option of a post wedding reception/party at home on 您r return from 您r wedding.

Less Guests means kinder on 您r budget

Destination weddings have short guest lists which makes the overall wedding expenses low. Instead of having a 150-300 wedding, 您r destination wedding can have a much smaller number. During one of my trips as an 意大利婚礼摄影师 我在拍摄了一场婚礼 黎莱斯别墅维多利亚 fro Jo + Mark. They only had 9 guests at their wedding and its was magical. The ultimate family members and a few close friends will make the guest list the shortest and comparatively can prove to save 您 money to invest in important things such as wedding photography, good food and better wine.


Instead of spending 您r wedding night at home 要么 a hotel in 您r hometown, 您’ll be staying somewhere a little more special. You  can spend 您r wedding night somewhere super dreamy like 西西里岛 要么 塞浦路斯. You can even have 您r honeymoon right after the wedding. If 您 do get married overseas and have 您r honeymoon in the same location 您 can always return a few years later to relive those moments on occasions like 您r anniversary.


With destination weddings only including the people who are closest to the couple. This gives 您 the opportunity to bond with each other’s family and have a great family time together. It is like having all the important people on one single trip. There are multiple activities which the guests can indulge in making their own memories and simply having a great time.



If 您’不能投资于 目的地婚礼策划师 而你有心的地方不会’如果没有一个体面的婚礼协调员,事情可能会开始出错。在远距离进行所有布置的情况下,整个过程往往变得极为困难。如果您必须自己安排所有事情,则只需采取额外的预防措施。国外婚礼在每个地方的法律方面也有所不同。您必须确保要研究这些内容,并且可能很难将所有内容都安排在国外。预订可以为您提供所需服务的度假村可以避免这种情况。




When looking into 您r 目的地婚礼地点 您’ll need to do 您r research on wether 要么 not 您 can legally marry there. In France for instance and at the time of writing 您 need to reside in the country fro at least 30 days before 您 can legally get married there. You’ll need to provide proof of residency too. In a nutshell 您’ll need to speak with planners and officials in 您r destination wedding country to find out if 您 can be legally married there.


No matter if 您 decide on having a wedding abroad 要么 not i’m sure 您’无论哪种方式,都会有最好的婚礼。由于两者 目的地婚礼摄影师 and a UK based wedding photographer I can tell 您 from experience that what really makes a wedding special is the people that are there. I hope these 目的地婚礼的利与弊 help 您 in 您r quest for the perfect day.

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