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Due to ISP issues, there will be no mail delivered from this system. The Mail port is blocked by the ISP (AT&T) I am trying to find a bypass but haven’t been successful so far.


Welcome to KJ6ZD’s Website.

KJ6ZD a Solar powered system.

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euro_truckWant to see some ETS2 (Euro Truck 2 Simulator)? go here to see a trip (time lapsed) from Paris France to Biskra in the Northern Part of Africa.
Here is my second video that places us into Great Britain on a trip from Newcastle on the east coast over to Swansea in the South West of the Isle.
To watch the video click here!
Here is another short (15 mins) Euro Truck 2 video clip. It is about a load of Oil from Cordoba Spain to a Construction site in Gibraltar.
How to paint trucks in ETS2
Here is a tutorial for Euro Truck 2 Truck Skinning or truck painting
using GIMP and ETS2 Studio. This is roughly, a 3 MB PDF file.
If you want to download the file, right click and select “Save Link As”.

This is a grey zone map with estimated MUF

Some Hamor

Two elderly hams had been friends for many decades.
Over the years they had shared all kinds of activities and adventures on the ham bands. Lately, their activities have been limited to meeting a few times a week to play cards.
One day they were playing cards when one looked at the other and said, “Now don’t get mad at me…..I know we’ve been friends for a long time…..but I just can’t think of your name and your call.! I’ve thought and thought, but I can’t remember them.
Please tell me what they are.”
His friend glared at him. For at least three minutes he just stared and glared at the grey haired old man..
Finally he said, “How soon do you need to know?
Three brothers ages 92, 94, and 96 live in a house together. One night the 96 year old draws a bath. He puts his foot in and pauses. He yells down the stairs and says “Was I getting in or out?”The 94 year old yells back “I don’t know. I’ll come up and see.” He starts up the stairs and pauses. Then he yells, “Was I going up the stairs or down?”The 92 year old HAM is sitting in front of his HF rig and listening to his brothers. He shakes his head, picks up the mic and says “I sure hope I never get that forgetful.” He knocks on wood for good measure. He then yells into the mic, “I’ll come up and help both of you as soon as I see…. who’s at the door. “OVER”.


Since his Butler had a rather unpleasant smell around him, Sir Bellington of Worchester asked his Butler James:
James, have you taken a shower recently?
James replies: why Sir? Is one missing….

VoIP, bringing the world closer!